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We're in this together.


We want you to have as much fun as possible with your borrowed LEGO® kit.

Let's share that fun with as many people as possible for as long as we can.

By subscribing to a Brick Borrow plan you are agreeing to our terms and conditions:


Hygiene is a priority. That’s why all Brick Borrow LEGO® sets are cleaned thoroughly before being sealed in secure packaging. You’ll see we use special Brick Borrow boxes for your borrowed LEGO® set and we’ll pop in some instructions, returns information and additional content. 


You’re going to have so much fun building, playing and displaying your LEGO®. When you’ve finished, you’ll be excited for your next set. And there’s someone just as excited as you waiting to share the set you’ve borrowed. So please care for it as if it was your own. 

When you have finished with your LEGO® set, you agree to:

  • check that all the contents are included 

  • post the set back to us in the same condition you received it ​​


Brick Borrow LEGO® boxes will contain a flyer which explains how to return your set for someone else to use. Following these instructions will speed up our checking process and help us get your next set on its way. We don’t want to keep you waiting!

Here’s the return process:

  1. Please dismantle your borrowed LEGO® set down into individual pieces.

  2. Place the LEGO® pieces, minifigures and instructions back into the sealed bag(s) provided. Bigger pieces, like baseplates, can be carefully placed directly into the Brick Borrow box.

  3. To help with sustainability, we'd love you to reuse the Brick Borrow box and the brown parcel bag it arrived in. This helps us save the planet by using less new packaging. Inside the box is a strip of Brick Borrow water tape for resealing the box. Wet the reverse side of the branded tape gently with a damp but not wet sponge and then apply the tape to secure the box.

  4. Place the Brick Borrow box inside the parcel bag and seal it.

  5. You're almost set! Email: or visit and fill in the contact form below and we'll email the pre-paid postage label ready for your return.

  6. Post it, we'll check it and you can start borrowing again!


The shipping charge you pay is no more than it costs to send. We make no profit on shipping.  We charge a standard return delivery fee of £4.95. This amount is payable at the checkout.

Return Labels

Once you receive your set, your Brick Borrow box contains returns information. This include how to access the pre-paid returns label for when you’re ready to send back your kit and move on to the next. 

Accurate Address

When you place your subscription order and fill in your address, please double check that it’s correct. If a LEGO® set is damaged or lost due to an address error created at the point of subscription, charges will be applied. These costs will be the full and total recommended retail price of the LEGO® set issued and dispatched to you. 

Subscription Information

If you need longer than a month to complete your set – no problem. You can keep the kits as long as you want although you can only keep one set at a time (dependant on your subscription choice). Just be aware that if you keep hold of your set(s) for longer than a month your monthly subscription cycle will still continue. The maximum number of sets you can build is dependent on the subscription package you chose. 

Cancelling Your Subscription

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you want to cancel your Brick Borrow you can do so only after your current borrowed LEGO® set(s) has been returned and checked by us.

If your subscription is cancelled and the set(s) are not returned within the stated time, we reserve the right to pass your account to debt management companies.

We also reserve the right to cancel memberships at any time. 

If any Brick Borrow subscription is currently active and has been utilised to borrow a Brick Borrow at least once, no refunds will be applicable.

Missing Pieces

We work hard to ensure that everyone can have the best Brick Borrow experience. To make this happen we carefully check your returned set. If multiple LEGO® pieces or the equivalent to 10 grams or rarer LEGO® pieces or LEGO® minifigures are missing from your returned set you will be charged at the cost price for the replacement pieces. To replace pieces, we use the website and this will necessitate an additional administration fee of £5. Until the outstanding balance has been settled, you will not be able to borrow any more sets.

'Hero Sets' Apprenticeship


If you’re new to Brick Borrow, you’ll need to complete a three-month Brick Borrow apprenticeship. This means if you want to unlock a small number of high value ‘Hero’ LEGO® sets, you need to be on your best borrowing behaviour during the first three-months.

Don’t worry, though, during those three months, you’ll still have access to sets that are valued much higher than your monthly subscription cost. And by completing your apprenticeship, we’ll know that we can trust you to take good care of the most valuable sets we have. 

Sadly, we need to do this to combat the theft of high value sets during the first three months.

If you purchase The Master Set Subscription, please note that you are only permitted to borrow one Hero Set at a time along with another set which isn't a Hero Set once you have completed your initial three months subscrition.

Brick Borrow e-gift card

The ​Brick Borrow e-gift card can only be redeemed against the price of a monthly Brick Borrow subscription plan. The Brick Borrow e-gift card cannot be used to pay for shipping/delivery costs.

There are strictly no refunds issued on Brick Borrow e-gift card purchases if a customer decides they do not want to continue with a Brick Borrow subscription and they still have credit available to use.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your personal information or data. 

When you subscribe through Brick Borrow, your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. 

Non-Payment Policy

In the unfortunate event that a recurring monthly subscription payment is defaulted and no payment is made, your account will be suspended. A member of our finance team will then contact you by email or phone to find out what has happened and if a solution can be found. You will be sent a new recurring invoice for payment for the outstanding subscription balance and once this payment has been made it will automatically reset your direct debit and your account will become live again.

If no payment or attempted contact from yourself has been made with us then you will recieve a letter dated 14 days after your defaulted subscription payment with a returns label. You must return your set(s) within 7 days to occur any future fees.

If after 14 days of no payment or contact from your defaulted subscription date, you will be sent an invoice which will include the following fees: (1) The outstanding balance of your subscription fee, (2) the retail value of any sets you have currently borrowed from Brick Borrow (3) and a £99 admin fee. If payment or contact again isn't made within 14 days of this new invoice being sent, we will unfortunately pass your details onto our debt collection agency and legal proceedings will take place. Brick Borrow retain the right to action all the above actions if we are not happy with the contact you have made with us in relation to clearing any outstanding debt and/or returning your sets.


By subscribing to a Brick Borrow plan you agree that we are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions made in connection with any products that we supply during the subscription. 

Price And Term Changes

We are proud to occasionally offer LEGO® sets that are exclusive to Brick Borrow. These sets may have limited quantities and are subject to return or exchange in accordence with our Returns Policy.​

We pledge to give our subscribers fair warning of any price changes. Any price changes that are made will only be applied after a 30 day notice period. This is to give our customers the right to cancel or change your subscription. 

We reserve the right to modify or discontinue a particular set or service (or any part or content thereof) without notice. We reserve the right to make other terms changes as required. These changes will be made here in our Terms and Conditions.


You’ll always get the real deal from us. The only sets you’ll get in your Brick Borrow subscription are genuine LEGO® products.


Last Updated - 2022.

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