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Please dismantle your borrowed LEGO® set down into individual pieces.


Place the LEGO® pieces, minifigures and instructions back into the sealed bag(s) provided. Bigger pieces, like baseplates, can be carefully placed directly into the Brick Borrow box.


To help with sustainability, we'd love you to reuse the Brick Borrow box and the brown parcel bag it arrived in. This helps us save the planet by using less new packaging. Inside the box is a strip of Brick Borrow water tape for resealing the box. Wet the reverse side of the branded tape gently with a damp but not wet sponge and then apply the tape to secure the box.


Place the Brick Borrow box inside the parcel bag and seal it.


You're almost set! Please fill in the contact form below and we'll email the pre-paid postage label ready for your return within 24 hours working hours.

*Upon receiving your label, you will have 28 days to return it before the label becomes invalid. If you wait longer than 28 days then you will be charged for another label to be sent.


Post it, we'll check it and you can start borrowing again!

We will now send you via email your pre-paid postal label for you to return your set.

Thanks for submitting!

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