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Brick Borrow - Borrow LEGO sets for affordable prices | UK | Monthly subscription service


We've got the answer!

What's so good about a Brick Borrow Subscription?

If you're sitting on the subscriber fence, we've got three P's for you:




We think LEGO® is the world’s greatest toy but sets don’t come cheap. Here at Brick Borrow we want to help you have fun while being kind to your wallet. 

From just £9.99 a month you can borrow the best LEGO® sets at a fraction of their retail price.

Your subscription helps us save the planet. Our mission is to share our love of LEGO® with thousands of UK homes so we can save tonnes of LEGO® from landfill. 

  • So how do I get started?
    Go to the 'Plans & Pricing' header. Pick and purchase the monthly subscription plan that suits you best. Go to the 'Pick Your Sets' tab and choose from the available LEGO® sets. Confirm your order and we'll ship your set(s) within 2-3 days. Get building!
  • What's the age range?
    You’re never too old to play with LEGO®, right? And If you’re over 4 years old (and we guess you are) any LEGO® set in Brick Borrow’s library will work for you. But if you want a closer age guide, check the set’s recommended age listing. This can help you decide which set will be a good fit for you.
  • How long can I borrow the set(s)?
    The Brick Borrow crew are not fun sponges. If you’re having fun, you can build, play and display your LEGO® set for as long as you want. By choosing 'The Mystery Set or ‘The Builder’ subscription service you can borrow one set at a time. Once you’re done, send it back. We’ll check it and then email you to get borrowing! Looking for more sets? Choose ‘The Master’ subscription service and you get two sets at a time. Get you!
  • What's the 'Hero Set' Apprenticeship?
    If you like the look of those extra-special, top-price LEGO® sets, you’ll need to do a Brick Borrow apprenticeship. This means for the first three months of your subscription you get to build plenty of sets that are always way over your subscription value. After that introductory period, you get to check-out the ‘Hero Sets’ because we think you’re brilliant. Why is the introductory period necessary? It helps us to stop people nicking our bricks which makes us sad. Mutual trust is important to us and we’re sure it’s important to you.
  • Help! I've got a piece missing! What do I do?
    We don’t want anything to spoil your fun. That’s why we go over and above to make sure you get a complete LEGO® set on arrival. Having a piece or two missing may not spoil your fun as you can probably get your build on anyway. But in the unlikely event that you receive a set with pieces missing, please let us know. Email: and include the number(s) of the missing brick(s) - found on the last page of the instruction manual. If you could include any pictures that might help us identify the missing piece, too, that would be super helpful!
  • I'm sorry. I've lost a piece. Will you forgive me?
    Of course! We’re only human. Sometimes accidents happen and LEGO® pieces go AWOL. Again, please let us know. If it’s one or two pieces or under 10 grams we may be able to replace it from our library at no extra cost to you. Please be aware, though, that we always check sets on return. If you send a set back with missing pieces over 10 grams or the lost LEGO® piece is rarer, you will be charged the cost price for the replacement pieces and a £5 admin fee. As soon as this balance is settled, you can borrow a new set.
  • Can I change or cancel my subscription?
    No problem. Brick Borrow subscriptions are fully flexible. · Want to upgrade? You can do it anytime. · Want to cancel? Send us your set, we’ll check it and then you can cancel your subscription.
  • How clean are the LEGO® sets?
    Squeaky clean! We’re not a peer-to-peer marketplace, so you get our best retail service, rest assured, our LEGO® sets meet all UK and EU safety standards.
  • What's the delivery & return charge?
    Unlike many other retailers, we make no profit on the shipping. We actually charge you less than it costs us to deliver your set. You pay £4.95 upon choosing your Brick Borrow set(s) and once received, there’ll be details inside the box about how to access the pre-paid returns label when you’re ready to return. Effectively you are paying less than £2.50 each way to receive and return your set.
  • eGift Cards - Purchasing & Redeeming
    Purchasing a Brick Borrow eGift Card If you would like to buy that special person the gift of building LEGO® from the Brick Borrow library in the form of a eGift Card then you are in luck! Go to and choose the value of the eGift Card, fill in a few details and choose if you want the eGift Card voucher code to be sent either to your email address as the purchaser or recipient directly to the recipient using their email address. The lucky receiever of the Brick Borrow eGift Card will be able to redeem their voucher towards any Brick Borrow monthly subscription. Redeeming a Brick Borrow eGift Card If you are the lucky recipient of the Brick Borrow eGift Card please email with your voucher code and which subscription you would to sign up to and we will do the rest. Happy building!
  • Can I make a request?
    We’d love it! Brick Borrow is all about you. And we know our Brick Borrow builders have some great ideas. Drop us an email at or contact us via the 'Contact Page' if you’d like to see a new theme in our library. Or if there’s a kit that you’ve dreamed of building, for like, forever, then get in touch with the Brick Borrow team. We love to hear your ideas!
  • Is this LEGO® the real deal?
    You bet! Any Brick Borrow set is 100% legit LEGO®. I mean, please! No substitute could possibly compare to the greatest toy ever invented.
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